Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's Time to Plan for the New Year! :Gloria's Rosh Hashana Menus

My Rosh Hashana menus stay basically the same from year to year. Each recipe has become tradition. When I’ve tried to make a real change; my children revolt! You’ll notice that I don’t serve soup. Honestly, I find that serving soup to a large crowd, including children, is a challenge. In addition, soup is very filling and I want everyone to have room to eat the rest of the meal. Cranshaw melons are usually fabulous around Rosh Hashana time and the sliced melon looks pretty on the plate.

Rosh Hashana Menus: First Night

Breast of chicken with White wine, Mushrooms & Grapes/ Tofu done the same way
Stuffed Cabbage/Veggie Stuffed Cabbage
Individual Potato Kugels
Orange Shells Stuffed with Strawberry Sorbet

Second Night
Roasted Rock Cornish Hens
Rice with Sauteed Veg & Currants
Carrot Pudding
Stuffed Cabbage/Veggie Stuffed Cabbage
Poached Pears in Red Wine & Cinnamon
Lace Cookies

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