Monday, October 12, 2009

Kosher Cookbook in the Taxi

The Kosher Cookbook is very handy to use in your kitchen, where your iPhone or iPod Touch takes up very little counter space. But I think it's used just as much in the taxi.

There's that moment in the day when we look at our coworkers, or call our moms, and say, "So, what's for dinner?" Far too often everyone sighs and grimaces, dismayed by the reminder that we all have to cook.

Cooking for holidays can be so satisfying and fun, whether we're up early doing it all ourselves in a meditative way or gathering in the kitchen with our friends and family, helping each other and getting in each other's way and dishing up favorite family stories with the sauce.

And then comes the next day, an ordinary day, and we still have to cook. The magic is gone. It feels like work just to think of a menu.

Then, in the taxi on the way home, the Kosher Cookbook on the iPhone comes into play. We can mix and match recipes, look up the things we have the ingredients for already, instantly and automatically make a shopping list so we can stop off for what we need on the way.

The thought of Apricot Raspberry Tart, whether for our families or our guests or just for us (take the rest to work tomorrow), makes the thought of cooking much more appealing.

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