Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Kosher Cookbook is Easy to Use

When we talk with people about the Kosher Cookbook for the iPhone and iPod Touch, we find that some of the best cooks have a bit of trepidation.

A caterer friend confided that she plans to download it as soon as her kid comes home for the fall break so he can do it for her and teach her how to use it.

Seriously, you can do it. Try the demo at the Kosher Cookbook website, or just push the button here to see how simple it is.

There's an easy dashboard that lets you sort the recipes the way you want -- find your favorites, find the dishes with mushrooms, or just pick a complete ready-planned menu.

You can schedule the menu, adjust for the number of guests you're expecting, make your own little touches to the recipes. When you're ready, generate your shopping list automatically and you're set.

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