Thursday, December 2, 2010

Manischewitz's Reduced Sodium Broth-- Contest Extended!

For some reason, people don't seem to be interested in winning boxes of this lovely free broth. While I don't particularly love their regular broth, the Reduced Sodium broths and Vegetable broth are really quite good.
To give you a chance to enter, I've extended this contest a little bit. Please leave your comments by Monday December 6 to be entered to win. To enter,all you have to do is leave a comment by December 6th telling me which Reduced-Sodium Broth you'd like to try. There are some additional ways to get extra entries, but they are completely optional.
To make your lives easier, I've included the original post below:

Let's face it--packaged broth is a necessary evil. While clearly homemade broth is a wonderful thing, I know very few people who have the time to cook up a vat of broth every time they need to use a cup or two in a recipe.
My main complaint with most kosher brands of broth has always been the overabundance of salt. Manischewitz has addressed this problem with it's new(ish) Reduced Sodium broths. While not exactly appropriate for those who need to be on a low sodium diet for health reasons, at 420 mg of sodium per cup (for chicken broth) it is 40% less than Manichewitz regular chicken broth. The broth is flavorful, but with a light enough taste to enrich your recipes without overpowering them.

If you haven't been working on your recipe entry for the Man-O-Manichewitz cook off, you'd better get cracking! Entries are due on December 31st!
To help you out, Manichewitz is being generous enough to provide one Reduced-Sodium Broth and one All-Natural Vegetable Broth to a lucky reader.
To enter, just leave a comment by Sunday November 28th telling me which Reduced-Sodium Broth you'd like to try.
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Disclosure: I received a sample of Manichewitz broth to facilitate this review


  1. I'd like to try the reduced sodium chicken broth. I've never tried any packaged chicken broth, and refuse anything with way-too-high sodium, so this product sounds intriguing!

  2. I tried the reduced sodium broth! I don't a difference between the reduced sodium and the regular one! It makes my life sonmuch easier just to use the broth for some recipes! I love manischewitz!!!

  3. @Rivkah T I was nervous about using packaged broth as well and was very happy to discover that the Manischewitz Reduced Sodium Broth was so good.I now use it all the time. Gloria

  4. @Anonymous: I'm so happy that you enjoy using the broth; but I'm puzzled that you don't taste a difference between the reduced sodium and the regular one. I've been using the powdered mixes (very watered down because of the salt)but I've started using the Manischewitz Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth all the time. I find the regular broth much much too salty. Gloria

  5. This contest is now closed to entries. Congratulations to Rivkah T! Please send your mailing information to or dm @koshercookbook on twitter :)Enjoy!