Friday, November 6, 2009

Back from a trip, What to do about dinner....

If you've been following my Facebook page and Twitter feed, then you know that I have been away for the last 10 days enjoying myself and doing lots of food research in Florence and in Paris.
After a 10 hour flight, even the Kosher Cookbook needs a rest...

Every one should have a great go-to Kosher Butcher to order from! Upon arrival at home, I was able to put away my 3 already prepared fried chickens from my favorite longtime butcher Fischer Brothers & Leslie. I will be serving them with a frozen Moussaka that I had awaiting my return in my freezer.

I promise to share pictures of some of the wonderful food that I saw and tasted on my travels when I get over my jet lag.

Now, off to begin planning for Thanksgiving!

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