Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Earth's Balance Experiments Continue: Pie Crust

I keep hearing more and more buzz about the versatility of Earth's Balance. Pam Reiss, author of Soup--A Kosher Collection and Passover--A Kosher Collection, shared with me that she has experience using the sticks and natural and whipped tubs of the margarine for a variety of recipes and points out that one should adjust salt accordingly to account for the salt in some of the products.
Not wanting to take anyone else's word for it, I am continuing on with my own experiments. Next stop: Blueberry Pie! I knew that I was fated that I make a blueberry pie for dinner when I saw my usual brand of blueberries being sold by the fruit man on the street for 1/2 the price I usually pay!
My Earth Balance crust was so easy to roll out that I made a lattice top over the pie. The vegan buttery sticks are more yellow in color and make a more pliable dough than the Earth Balance vegan shortening sticks.
The crust of the pie was truly amazing--light, flaky...and, best yet, it stayed crisp without even a hint of sogginess!

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