Monday, May 3, 2010

Gloria Takes on Ramps

I'm not sure what the whole fuss is about regarding ramps except for the fact that they are only available about 3 weeks of the year starting at the end of April. Most recipes I researched included bacon and many used the ramps with eggs. I don't go for replacing bacon with Bacos or pastrami etc. to achieve that smoky salty taste so I just sauteed some of the ramps (a mixture of the bulbs and leaves) with mushrooms and tossed the mixture with roasted potatoes--resulting in an earthy-tasting vegetarian dish. The sharp flavor of the ramp bulbs mellows out with the potatoes and the green leaves make you feel that Spring is here. I am definitely not an expert on ramps as this is my first effort to cook with them.
I'm happy to accept any and all suggestions on how to better utilize this strange vegetable!

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