Monday, September 19, 2011

What to Serve with Rock Cornish Hens? A Menu for the Second Night of Rosh Hashana

I grew up having our major Rosh Hashana meals for lunch. My Father didn't and doesn't go to shul at night. No one wanted to eat so late so everyone gathered for lunch. Dinner was a snack. On the other hand, my husband does go to shul at night and feels very strongly about having his major meals for dinner.I think he also feels that if I don't have to worry about company for lunch, I might get to shul earlier.Oh well. Anyway, I used to make Roast Veal for second night because I could cook it right before dinner.  Over the years, I've found that we and others are so full from the night before and lunch-no matter how light it is, that I've started serving poultry the second night as well. Once the hens have been cleaned and prepared, they can be easily roasted right before dinner. The carrot pudding can be made the day before or frozen. The pears only get better if they're made a day in advance-not frozen though. You can always opt to make your own sorbet or buy one or two of the delicious sorbets available in the market. Serve the sorbet with berries and cookies and everyone will be happy.

Mixed Green Salad
Roasted Rock Cornish Hens
Rice with Sauteed Veg & Currants
Carrot Pudding
Stuffed Cabbage
Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage
Poached Pears in Red Wine & Cinnamon
Lace Cookies

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