Monday, September 26, 2011

My Sweet and Pungent Pot Roast Makes a Fabulous Alternative to Brisket

For some reason, brisket has become the 'go to' cut of meat for festive holiday meals.  I have always made my pot roast with top of the rib, which is a leaner and much less expensive cut.  You have absolutely nothing to lose with this cheaper and equally flavorful option!

The aroma that emanates from this dish is intoxicating.
Prep time: 25 min.   Braising: 2-2 ½ hours   Vegetables: 20 min.    Finishing: 35 min.
INGREDIENTS                                                                          EQUIPMENT
2 Top of the Rib-trimmed of excess fat                                                large roasting pan with cover
6 tablespoons flour                                                                    large skillet
½ teaspoon black pepper                                                         oven to table serving dish
6 tablespoons corn oil
12 ounces white hot horseradish
2 cans whole berry cranberry sauce
2 sticks cinnamon
6 whole cloves
2 cups instant beef stock
1 pound frozen white pearl onions (defrosted)
2 pounds carrots
1.       Mix flour and pepper.
2.       Rinse meat and pat dry. Dredge meat in flour and pepper and set aside.
3.       Heat oil in skillet over high heat. Brown meat on both sides and place in roasting pan. Reserve drippings in skillet.
4.       Add all remaining ingredients except for carrots and onions to meat. Bring to a boil and simmer covered 2-2 ½ hours or until meat is somewhat tender.
5.       While meat is cooking, peel carrots and cut them into two inch logs. Brown onions and carrots in meat drippings. Add vegetables to meat after the first simmering. Simmer 25-35 minutes more or until meat is tender. Cool, cover and refrigerate overnight.
6.       The next morning, remove congealed fat, cinnamon sticks and cloves. Slice meat and transfer to oven to table serving dish. Arrange carrots and onions over top and around slices. Pour sauce over all. Cover loosely with foil and reheat in 350 oven for at least 30 minutes or until piping hot.  
Note: In addition to being delicious, this recipe is also versatile. Leftovers make terrific sandwiches; and also can be combined with cooked potatoes in a pre-baked pie shell to become a “pot pie”!

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